Girdwood Area Plan

Preceding Plans and Planners Timeline

Collected by Lewis Leonard, co-Chair Girdwood Area Plan Review Committee

Photo by Ollie Paterson

Anchorage & Girdwood Population by Decade

Year Anchorage Girdwood

2010 293,357 2440*

2000 260,283 1794

1990 226,338 1,221

1980 174,431 577

1970 124,542 144

1960 82,833 63

*2009 population

Population Source: 2008-2009 Girdwood Area Plan Update Technical Brief- CAC Discussion Draft

2014 Girdwood South Townsite Area Plan Amendment

2009 Girdwood South Townsite Master Plan

2006-2007 Girdwood Area Plan Review Committee

2001 Girdwood Commercial Areas and Transportation Master Plan adopted February

1974 Turnagain Arm Management Plan for State Lands, ADNR October

1993 Girdwood Community Impact Study Published August

1987 Turnagain Arm Comprehensive Plan, a 20 year plan

1981 Anchorage Wetlands Management Plan

1979 Turnagain Arm Comprehensive Plan Adopted Dec 18: Assembly Ordinance 79-208 prepared by the Planning Department of the Municipality of Anchorage. Derived from the Anchorage Coastal Zone Management Plan (p11) and Girdwood Citizen land use committee (p12)

1975 Unification of the Borough of Anchorage with the City of Anchorage and the dissolution of all cities within the newly expanded boundaries, including the City of Girdwood

​1974 Turnagain Arm Plan Concepts

Anchorage Coastal Zone Management Plan

​1961-1975 City of Girdwood planned and managed land use within Glacier Valley

​1949-1961 Girdwood Community Club planned and managed land use in Glacier Valley. Through the mid 1970s, the Club was the voice of the community, instrumental in land management and acquiring lands, developing infrastructure, and acquiring utilities for use by the citizens of Girdwood

The Girdwood Community Club, an IRS 501(c)(3), was formed in 1949 to support and promote recreation, community information, education, social interaction, and cultural development in Glacier Valley. The Club also initiated, contributed to, and promoted community enrichment projects with such firsts as Girdwood’s first: school, fire department, telephone and electrical utilities, library, theatre group, alpine ski area, community park, FM radio in Glacier Valley, and relay television broadcast system along Turnagain Arm serving Girdwood