Contribute your   photos / artwork  to the final plan

The deadline for images was May 2nd. We received almost 70 photos, many of which will be used in the plan.

Thank you so much for your contributions.

We want your photos or original artwork!

The Girdwood Comprehensive Plan will guide development and related projects throughout Girdwood for the next 10-20 years.

It is the key planning document that reflects the vision Girdwood has for its community and environment.

What better way to illustrate Girdwood's sense of itself than to use images from community members themselves?

Please consider sending us images of Girdwood, its infrastructure, economy, recreation, and/or community to infuse the plan with what Girdwood is and means to you.

Contribute images

Upload your images through this form by May 1st 2nd, 2024 (extended to Thursday)

Please answer the questions on the form so that we have the right to use your images, can provide an accurate caption and give the correct credit.

Thank you!

See below for additional details and guidelines.

Image guidelines

Assigning limited rights

Each photographer or artist will retain all rights to any images submitted – including ownership if applicable – other than those rights licensed in the next sentence:

By contributing an image, you hereby grant to Imagine! Girdwood and its contractors a nonexclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, edit, distribute, and publicly display the images submitted to Imagine! Girdwood for the purpose inclusion as illustrations in the Girdwood Comprehensive Plan or use in related promotional or explanatory materials. 

Model release requirements

If the answer to those three questions are all YES, then you will need to complete a Model Release form for each person and have them sign the form (or their parent/guardian sign if they are under 18).

You can upload a scan of the signed Model Release form or if you are using a mobile phone, take a photo of the signed form.

How images will be selected for the plan